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The Umarex Strike Point multi-pump pellet pistol is available in .177 or .22 caliber. It shoots one pellet at a time with a simple to use bolt action • just pull the bolt back pump the gun up load a pellet close the bolt push the safety off and safely shoot the pellet at your target. The pneumatic strike point works with a few as three pumps or as many as 10. It even incorporates Umarex SilencAir Technology a noise suppressor that's a first for an air gun of this type. This amazingly quiet Umarex Strike Point is variable power which mean you control its energy output by the number of pumps. It fires lightweight pellets at 650 fps in .177 and 520 fps in .22. A great air gun for the back yard where laws allow or for indoor ranges with safe back stops. - SPECS - Easy load bolt action - 3 Chamber SilencAir Noise Dampener - Comfortable grip and pump handle - Most modern looking multi-pump pistol - Fiber optic front sight - Variable pump power - Adjustable rear sight - Push button safety - 14 inches long - 9 inch barrel - 2.6 lbs - 5.5 lb trigger

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